About Us
Cleaning up the world by putting a value to waste

Clean Energy Resources Pty Ltd (CER) is an environmental waste solution developer formed to commercialise Waste Reforming Technology (WRT) facilities.

CER’s philosophy is the solution to cleaning up the world is by putting a value to waste.

CER’s mission is to identify opportunities within the waste, recycling and clean energy sectors then develop solutions that are economically viable, emission free where nothing is discarded.

CER’s purpose is to create value from waste. Essentially what CER does is give new life to waste by creating valuable resources.

True to the mission, nothing is wasted.

This is possible by combining existing proven technology with disruptive thinking. This is supported by over 30 years’ experience.

Our Team



Garry Price

Chief Executive Officer

Garry Price is a man with a vision that can see through the problems and find workable solutions. To get to this position, Garry started by completing a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne followed by qualifications in Material Science specialising in Polymer from RMIT University.

His working career has seen him develop expertise within a myriad of industries such as uranium mining operations (Utah Wyoming), nuclear power plants (Toronto, Canada), oil/gas pipelines (Australia) and home insulation (Australia). In addition, he has been CEO of companies that constructed the largest and fastest super computer, constructed and operated plastic recycling, advanced polymer recycling, and polyurethane foam sorting and recycling.

Running the various businesses was not the only role Garry performed, he was also the innovator that designed the operations that enabled the various technology to solve recycling issues with plastics and polyurethane (PU) foam.

A man with such vast talent, vision and experience has many career highlights. After having formed Carrington Plastics, Garry achieved a world first by recycling polyisobutylene (PIB) and proving it was financially viable. He built the world’s first polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) recycling plant in Melbourne Australia. Here it was demonstrated that the plant could economically remove the PVDC from co extruded plastic film. The next career highlight came as CEO and owner of Advanced Polymer Recycling Incorporated, Mexico there he oversaw the construction of the largest Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plant in Latin America (Mexico City) which can recycle up to 10 million Coca-Cola bottles a day. As CEO of Regen Foam Hong Kong and Royalty Carpets, Garry was the person behind the building of the first automated PU foam sorting plant in Southern China. This was followed by a most challenging PU Foam carpet underlay plant retrofit in Nevada, USA. This required the installation of state-of-the-art foam recycling technology and ensuring that it worked effectively in the existing facilities.

Garry has a network that transverses many countries such as Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, China, South Africa, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and Thailand.

Garry is a man with a mission. He firmly believes that waste can be a valuable resource, which can eliminate many global issues.

Tony Carr


As a career Marketing and Sales Executive, Tony’s career has focused on the flooring, foam and recycling industries in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. He brings a wealth of experience in strategic and operational planning including strong forecasting and budgeting skills. With his extensive knowledge of the various sides of the industry, Tony has developed a keen interest in the environmental impacts of this segment. He dedicated to finding various innovative means to address the recycling issues that present themselves in this sector.

With over 20 years’ experience, the foundation of Tony’s career began with Godfrey Hirst the largest manufacturer and exporter of residential and commercial carpets in Australasia. To broaden his expertise in the flooring industry, career experience was gained with organisations such as Signature Floor Coverings Pty Ltd, Dynasty Australasia Pty Ltd and Golden Field Corporation Pty Ltd. The foam industry experience came with his time at Regen Foam.

Having worked in the export and import areas, Tony has gained great insight and skills in managing geographically dispersed staff extending to suppliers and partners.

He is vigilant about maintaining a high level of customer service with a watchful eye on the bottom line.

Greg Mirabella


Greg has a broad background in business, engineering & agriculture.

A former Army engineer, he was Deputy Director of Force Development in the Army. This role spanned managing the Army’s Science & Technology research requirements, as well as experimentation & capability development programs.

He was coordinator of engineering standardisation between Australia, NATO & the ABCA nations and also established the Army’s roadmap for automation & robotics.

In civilian life he has had management roles in a number of agricultural businesses, including poultry, wine & aquaculture. His civilian qualifications include BBus (Marketing), a Grad Dip (Accounting) & a Masters in Management.